Escape room The escape room is a growing leisure -activity that offers the ultimate fun. The intertwined rooms would confuse your way out. Make your reservations now to a nearby escapade escaperoom, game, entertainment,

Escape room
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An escape room is a riveting adventure for thrill-seekers. It is an exciting place with many interactive puzzles and inscrutable clues where you can socialize and enjoy with your friends and loved ones. Each moment spent contributes to the best memories of your life. Here, you can learn everything about the escape rooms near you. Read further to find the perfect fit for yourself. Let the fun begin!

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Escape Room Adventure at Hourglass Escapes

Located on the west coast of the United States, Seattle is one of the most beautiful coastal cities with a mesmerizing landscape, all set to capture your heart at a single glance. Being an expensive city in the country, Seattle indeed has its perks! Despite numerous high-rise buildings that seemingly flood almost every other city worldwide, Seattle is also a city that gives space to lush green forests extending their greenery all over the city. There are many places to a tourist attraction sprinkled all over the city of Seattle that every tourist can pay a visit to. Furthermore, many studies even show that it is a food lover's delight! So do not forget to relish the various kinds of foods available here! More than anything else, Seattle is immensely famous for its escape rooms. Everyone is seen to enjoy their time playing these games. However, amongst all the different escape room locations that are there in the city, Hourglass Escapes happens to be the one that attracts a massive crowd of players almost every other day. So, let's get started! If you are planning to visit the city of Seattle anytime soon, do not forget to spend a day at this amazing escape room located in the city! In this article, we shall provide you with all the necessary details about this escape room venue to further ease your access.
Hourglass Escapes
Price: $25 per person
No. of players: 19 – 35
• The venue offers three different and unique escape room games for players to play. All three games are available to players both as in-person escape games as well as remote escape games.
• Only players above the age of twelve are eligible to play the escape room games available at Hourglass Escapes. If players below the age of sixteen wish to take part in playing the escape games available here, they must be accompanied by an adult inside the gaming premises.
• Sufficient space is available inside the gaming premises to park your car or bike safely and securely.
• Physically handicapped people can access the wheelchair-accessible entrance on the gaming premises for greater ease of accessibility.
• Currently, Hourglass Escapes is only providing private escape room games for players to play.
• Every escape room is properly disinfected after the completion of each escape room game.
• Players need to wear their face masks while they are inside the gaming premises.
• Social distancing norms and regulations are strictly maintained to look into the health and welfare of the players.
Games Available:
i. Tales of the Ghostly Galleon
a. Theme: Adventure
b. Price: $30 per person (in-person escape game)
$25 per person (remote escape game)
ii. Rise of the Mad Pharaoh
a. Theme: Adventure
b. Price: $30 per person (remote and in-person escape games)
iii. Evil Dead 2
a. Theme: Horror
b. Price: $40 per person (in-person escape game)
$30 per person (remote escape game)
Open hours:
i. Monday to Thursday – 11:00 am to 9:30 pm
ii. Friday – 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
iii. Saturday – 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
iv. Sunday – 10:00 am to 8:30 pm
Now that you are well-equipped with all the required information about Hourglass Escapes, you might as well visit the place on your next visit to Seattle!

The Kingdom Of Night

The Kingdom Of Night is a conflict themed get away from room planned and conceptualized by Art of Escape.
The knights have been battling for their kin, day in and day out!Sadly, all expectation has run its course here as the blameless officers can't withstand the cold winters.
Presently, it is your obligation to vanquish the Kingdom of Night and take over before it is too late!But recall, you have only an hour.
Can you take upon this cerebrum prodding challenge?
Visit Art Of Escape and discover what destiny has coming up for you! Book your tickets now!
It is the miserable winter season. The long, dim, and freezing winter torment each being.
Tragically, this scandalous winter is leaning toward your foes as extreme snowstorms help the multitude of secretive adversaries to stow away.
The knights battle the dead to protect the living. However, presently, they are depleted and tired.
Presently, you are their main any expectation of endurance.
You should vanquish the Kingdom of the prior night it is past the point of no return!
Is it accurate to say that you are adequately crafty to take upon this heart-siphoning challenge? Discover what destiny has coming up for you at Art of Escape. Reserve your spot today!
Would you be able to put your decisive figuring abilities to utilize and vanquish the Kingdom of Night? Can you save the knights from experiencing a severe destiny? Or then again, will you confront a disgraceful demise?
Visit escape room Indianapolis to sort out what occurs straightaway! Book your tickets now.